La Munir is a premium medical cosmetic brand operated alongside a professional aesthetician’s skincare academy and spa. La Munir is named after the most romantic language in the world, French, which La means ‘the’ in feminine form and Munir means ‘to provide.’ The significant effects of La Munir products provide radiant and healthy skin, a professional solution for those who have severe skin concerns. They believe that these positive changes in the skin will give the customers satisfaction and confidence.


We aim to create a professional aesthetic brand identity and package with the warm spa clinic concept and professional brand image. The brand must express a professional and concise image through a minimal logotype. With the concept of awakening the infinite potential of beauty that everyone has, we want to express the possibility of gradually developing into flawless, shiny skin.


We have developed the entire branding, including the logo, colors, typography, graphic motif, guidelines, and packaging. We have created a logotype with a minimal line connecting the word ‘La’ and ‘MUnir,’ inspired by a scientific formula with unexpected capitalized U. We have also developed a brand slogan of ‘Experience Infinite Potential,’ considering customer’s infinite potential to improve their skin conditions. The graphic motif is a uniquely connected chemical structure formed in a minimalistic way. Each geometric shape on the motif has significance based on the keywords describing La Munir: Warmth, Laboratory, Wellness, Minimal, Premium, Simplicity, and Self-love. Each packaging system has a different motif layout depending on the product ingredients’ value. The overall look is eye-catchy and simple yet has a medical aesthetic vibe.

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YNL Design 

Art Direction & Design: Liz Yoona Lee

Brand Design: Kyonga Haley Oh