Conscious Toddler Food

Conscious Food has been a pioneer in providing high-quality organic food options to the Indian consumer market since 1990. Studio Ping Pong came on board to design the packaging for their new range of Toddler Foods.

The entire instant mix range was divided into 3 categories- Dosas, Chillas and Powders. Each category was given a special color palette and character.

We used this as an opportunity to conceptualise scrappy characters that get their superpowers from the ingredients of each product. The craft paper, a recurring element in Conscious’ products, was made an active participant within each box, serving as a prop essential to the story.

Hoss Round was chosen as the primary typeface after looking at various competitor brands on the market. As a rounder font, it perfectly captured the playful yet serious essence that the brand wanted to convey with these products. Manrope & Edu SA Beginner were used as secondary typefaces, the latter being a font used in South Australian primary education, in keeping with the theme of the products.

The packaging content was designed keeping in mind that parents are extremely mindful while picking up products for their children. They want the best nutrition and want to know all the benefits straightaway. Hence, each box came with markers for good micronutrients as well as smaller blurbs calling out comparative benefits.

Aimed to win over both younger audiences and parents, the new range maintained Conscious’ familiar minimalism and craft paper, while introducing a fresh new approach.