Bira 91, the world’s fastest-growing premium beer company wanted to expand its portfolio and launch ‘Hill Station Hard Cider Ales’. ‘Hill Station’ is a Hard Cider which evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Made from a blend of the freshest Himalayan apples and mountain barley, the flavors of these Hard Cider Ales would be dry and mildly sweet with a hint of malt and full flavor of orchard-fresh apples. The word Hill Station for most of us intuitively brings us back to an innocent memory.  Our logo has been handcrafted to reflect this beautiful, organic and natural feel.

The brief was to build a brand story around the ingredients, freshness and hill station vibe and create a distinct set of brand assets which could transport the audience to the simple pleasures of life. The label designs accommodate the entire portfolio of ciders. The painting of the steam engine passing through the apple orchard serves as the backdrop for the packaging labels. As the day progresses, the sky transforms. The colour of the changing sky helps distinguish between variants, while the neck label medallion further reinforces the flavour. The ‘Orchard Fresh Hand-Picked Apples’ crest communicates the ingredient story and brand promise.