Khartoum, Sudan

Packaging and brand identity design for Holla™ fashion brand

Holla is an online store that facilitates the purchase of home clothes for women and their children, by providing distinctive products, various options, and fast delivery, at an affordable price. So, they want to design a box that can reflect these aspects of the brand.

The Objective
The goal is to make Holla packaging a distinct package with an easy-to-remember visual identity.

The Concept?
The shapes on the box represent the family connection with circular shapes and connected lines, also the colors are worm ones to reflect what the brand stands for.

The Result
Since the launch, literally, anyone can distinguish Holla’s packaging, and the brand IG got over 3k+ in one month. Also, the package got featured on the World Brand Design Society’s website with more than 180 votes to become the #1 project in the fashion category.