Packaging, Character & Brand Identity Design for Catcha™

Catcha Is an E-commerce store for Matcha related products.

The Mission

All matcha brands have a clinical and medical approach to the benefits of Matcha. Catcha’s goal is to fight that with to provide a casual and fun approach to that.

Brand Naming

The name is a combination of three words coffee, cat, and Matcha.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The brand stands out with its fun, quirky, and cute approach to the benefits of matcha

The Concept?

The idea is to make Catcha’s packaging looks Fun, Quirky, Cute, and Friendly. So, I started from the absolute floor with a cat illustration and tried a few sketches to make a perfect character for Catcha’s brand. The character ‘Catcha’ must be flexible and can be applied to multiple positions easily.

The Outcome

I helped Catcha© design the packaging and the visual identity from the ground up, and built a highly effective and easy-to-navigate eCommerce website that helps Catcha© spread its message and sell its products.

The Impact

30 days after the Catcha© launch, it’s got over 2k+ followers on Instagram alone, with a 5%+ conversion rate, and its target audience has gone crazy over the brand packaging, message, and eCommerce website.