UAU Ingleza is a well-established company with over 60 years of history in the Brazilian market. Known for their cleaning products, UAU prioritizes every detail of their solutions in order to create a strong connection with the consumer.

Beyond simply fulfilling their technical function as cleaning tools, UAU’s products aim to evoke feelings of care, security, and warmth in those who use them. This is achieved through captivating packaging, unmistakable scents, and proven efficiency. The new UAUAU Pet Shampoo line is no exception.

In their latest release, Yellowish Branding Co. and UAU Ingleza present a new concept for pet care and hygiene products, using international ingredients and fragrances, as well as impactful and innovative packaging design.

Based on the Design Thinking methodology, the UAUAU Pet Shampoo line project was made possible through a variety of strategies, including generating alternatives, pilot mold testing, weight and performance analysis, ergonomics, and the production of numerous packaging prototypes.

The result of this meticulous process is a vibrant final product with high production performance and excellent visibility and differentiation at the point of sale. The exclusive shapes and personalized versions create a playful and emotional relationship with the consumer through a visual and tactile experience.

Using such a delicately designed product gives consumers a feeling of special care for their pets, similar to the feeling parents have when buying baby care products made especially for their children.

Within the first weeks of its launch, the UAUAU Pet Shampoo line was immediately embraced in the markets where it was introduced, surpassing expectations for penetration and production.