The Black Bay rum label design is a beautiful and luxurious creation that showcases an illustrative style with gold foil and voluminous varnishes. The overall objective was to create a conservative design that exudes an expensive product made with maximum attention to detail. The design was created with an engraving style illustration that adds to the associations of traditional classic rum.

The centerpiece of the label is an intricate illustration that tells a fairy tale about a parrot and a pirate. The illustration is beautifully crafted with detailed strokes, sharp lines, and an eye for detail that captures the essence of the story. The use of gold foil and voluminous varnishes adds depth and texture to the illustration, making it more captivating.

The typography used in the label design is simple and classic, with a font that complements the illustration perfectly. The font is in black color, which contrasts well with the golden hues of the label. The Black Bay logo is also incorporated into the design, with a minimalist approach that complements the overall design.

In conclusion, the Black Bay rum label design is a perfect combination of artistry, attention to detail, and traditional classic rum associations. The use of gold foil and voluminous varnishes, along with the engraving-style illustration, makes this label design a true work of art that is sure to catch the eye of any consumer looking for an expensive and premium product.