Boorek is a packaging project design for a “European food factory” specializing in pastry making. Burek is a traditional pastry found in the Balkans, Middle East, and Central Asia. The pastry is made of a thin flaky dough such as filo with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach, etc. It’s one of the most common breakfasts in the Balkans usually served with a glass of sour yoghurt. The “Boorek” pie is frozen and the customers are supposed to defrost it and bake it in the oven in their home. Once is done they get a big tasty pie same as the original sold in bakeries in the Balkans.

The design is colorful and catchy. The main element is the long hand across the packaging which presents the roll form in which the traditional burek is made. The name “Boorek” came from the idea to make the pronunciation of the product more accurate than the original for worldwide customers.