Mindful & Good

Charlotte, NC, USA

Southern Goodness, Gourmet Taste. Meticulously crafted gourmet bites to fit your mood.

Stemming out of a love for made from scratch Southern recipes from childhood, Finicky Foods makes meticulously crafted gourmet bites to fit your mood. Driven by all things local and community focused, the company shares its passion for flavor and the comfort and happiness that its food brings.

Mindful & Good helped create a comprehensive branding system that evoked the company’s passion and expertise for locally sourced and handmade food. The approach stems from the founder, Jessica, and her childhood of growing up on Southern food, making it from scratch and it becoming a bonding ritual with family and friends. The custom logotype is charming and warm but refined with an attention to detail. This portrays what Finicky Foods stands for – cultivating food and community – through each and every hand crafted product. Paired with the thoughtful approach for North Carolina symbols, the modern logomark icons and juxtaposition of them, tie in the history and roots of the brand while carrying it into the future of convenience and comfort. The warm red color signifies delight, appetite and passion. The kitschy tag lines and graphic elements throughout each concept add a little sass, just like its founder Jessica. Someone who has a discerning and meticulous palate but is fun and delightful and not to be taken too seriously. You walk away with a feeling of happiness and joy after being surrounded by her hospitality, the loving friend circle and really good food. “Simply joy on a plate.”

Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
Woman Owned & Operated
Vegan Options