Hainan Wuzhi Mountain × Gu Ge


中国 西安

Hainan Wuzhi Mountain × Gu Ge | Constructing the Regional Identity Representative of National Tea with National Elements

Brand | Rainforest Alder

Category | Hainan Wuzhishan Ecological Tea

Matters | Brand Identity Product Design

Each region has its own tea code, which is related to living habits, regional characteristics, and historical memory regions. The first portrait of tea and the quality region of tea products determine the difference in tea varieties. Regions determine tea. The product quality preferential region determines the flavor and taste of tea.

Regarding the tea market and public opinion, the brand is the product category, the product is the region, and the region is the culture. The next product line is the first release of the Rainforest Maple brand. The core is to establish a regional identity. We hope to release the building through the creation of this product. The complete set and differentiated shapes form the representative body of the rainforest Cymbidium region, which is a high-profile voice for Wuzhishan tea in the market.