Lishan Peanut Butter

onebook design

Lishan Peanut Butter of Wuhui Foods is an old product that has been selling well for many years. Although it has a stable sales volume and a loyal customer base in the Taiwan market, it is also facing problems such as outdated market packaging and younger consumers, making it difficult to achieve significant growth in domestic revenue.

After much discussion and communication, they needed packaging that resonated enough with mainstream consumers. In the new stage of the brand, the content of the product adapts to the health needs of the market and adjusts the sweetness and calories to provide healthy and delicious choices. Therefore, the new packaging adopts a simple layout and discards the legacy information of the old packaging to echo the characteristics of sugar reduction. The single color of the picture plus peanuts and English name enhances the expressiveness and distinguishes it from competing products, attracts the attention of young consumers, and integrates simple and healthy food into people’s daily life.

Introduce simple and modern new products, take into account the old and new groups, and show the new look of modern brand packaging at the same time. It is hoped that the existing loyal consumers will be successfully consolidated, and the scope of purchase will be expanded to the younger generation so that Lishanhua sauce can add deliciousness to the daily life of more people.