Serena Almond Double Happiness Roll Gift Box

onebook design

This Spring Festival marks the debut collaboration with SERENA, a prominent Taiwanese food manufacturer, to introduce an exclusive gift box.

Our partnership revolves around crafting bespoke products, focusing on both their form and flavor. The aim is to showcase a majestic yet youthful aesthetic, redefining the traditional brand image.

In the realm of packaging design, we ingeniously melded the biscuit tube’s characteristics into the Chinese product name and the English brand background text. This approach yields an engaging and dynamic visual impact. Complemented by orange-gold hues, the overall presentation offers a delightful balance of savory and sweet notes, sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Combining auspicious blessings with delectable treats, we invite everyone to join us at Quanlian and partake in this doubly delightful feast!


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