Serena Almond Double Happiness Roll Gift Box

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Serena Almond Double Happiness Roll Gift Box: A Designer’s Take


Imagine two halves, perfectly harmonized, symbolizing double happiness. This design plays on that theme with a split composition, vibrant colors, and circular motifs.


  • Red: Captures the passionate intensity of dark chocolate, echoing the energy of celebration.
  • Green: A lively touch, reminiscent of fresh green onions, representing prosperity and good health.
  • Fake Gold: Adds a touch of luxury and emphasizes the festive essence.


  • Circles: These evoke feelings of completeness and reunion, mirroring the essence of “double happiness.
  • Candy-like lanterns: Bring a playful and charming element, adding to the joyful atmosphere.
  • Ingredient illustrations: Rendered in a whimsical style, they create a visual feast, enticing the recipient.


  • Full circle font: It echoes the shape of the cookies and the overall harmonious theme.
  • Integrated love, ribbons, and food motifs: This subtly conveys the gift’s sentiment, like a special present chosen with care.

Color Scheme:

  • 7-Eleven inspired (red, white, green): This creates instant brand recognition and familiarity.
  • Contrasting colors: Cater to the target audience of urban youth, ensuring a vibrant and modern New Year feel.

Overall, the design presents a joyful, playful, and modern interpretation of Double Happiness, perfectly suited for the young urban audience and aligned with the 7-Eleven brand identity.