Yuan Hau Health Care Series Packaging

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EN Yuan Hau Health Care Series Packaging

“Yuanhou” is a professional healthcare brand born out of love, with “preventive medicine” as its original intention.

The professional nutrition team strictly selects raw materials and develops precise formulas according to needs, hoping to share nutrition and health care with everyone. Adhering to the characteristics of caring, the packaging visually conveys concentrated and high-extraction technology to obtain more nutrients than homogeneous products.

With professional and customized consulting services, the distance that eliminates healthcare stereotypes also creates warmth. We hope that packaging is not just for sales, but combined with the brand spirit to meet the brand spirit and social needs.

The color scheme uses white, which symbolizes the medical world, as the base color, with colors consistent with functional characteristics. At the same time, raw materials are transformed into geometric shapes, giving them a unique image.

The packaging paper processing, hot stamping and hot stamping methods show a sense of technology. We hope that through innovative thinking in design, consumers can feel healthy and beautiful when purchasing.




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