Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

The Backstory of Blinkberry Brand:

The story begins when a group of young mothers, concerned about the health and beauty of their children’s skin, felt the need for safe, effective, and enjoyable skincare products for teenagers. They realized that teenage children also require proper skincare to grow into confident individuals. From this realization, the idea of establishing Blinkberry was born, a skincare brand with a cheerful and colorful concept based on the philosophy of the rainbow to radiate happiness and confidence.

Cheerful Concept with Rainbow Colors:

Blinkberry combines science and cheerfulness in each of its products. The rainbow colors that define the brand reflect the diversity and zest for life of teenagers. Blinkberry’s products are specially designed to meet the evolving skincare needs of pre-teens and teenagers. Each product is enriched with natural ingredients and essential nutrients to help maintain skin health and deliver optimal results.

Success in the Market:

Blinkberry quickly garnered a positive response in the market. Its cheerful and enjoyable concept made it a favorite among pre-teens, teenagers, and parents who care about their children’s skincare. Products with a variety of colors and refreshing fruit aromas turn skincare routines into eagerly anticipated moments. With a positive campaign and an educational approach to proper skincare from a young age, Blinkberry successfully created an active community that supports the positive growth of teenagers. This success proves that skincare can be a cheerful and enjoyable part of the journey towards health and self-confidence.