Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

In the year 1717, a magical event occurred in a small village in Indonesia. A young woman named Ratih woke up in the middle of the night and discovered a pair of twin numbers rising from the ground. The numbers were 17.17, and from that moment on, she felt that miracles were following her every step. Ratih, who possessed a rare talent for creating natural fragrances, felt that this was her life’s calling to craft perfumes that carried the essence of wonders and brought unique experiences to everyone.

And so, the brand “Seventeen Seventeen” was born, drawing inspiration from the magical twin numbers that appeared in Ratih’s life. She realized that every person had their own miracles and allure, and this perfume would serve as a means for each individual to discover their unique charm.

Meaning of the Brand Name:

The brand name “Seventeen Seventeen” or “17.17” holds a strong meaning. The twin numbers symbolize miracles, perfection, and interconnectedness. In Indonesian culture, twin numbers are considered a symbol of luck and hold spiritual power. By choosing this number as the brand name, “Seventeen Seventeen” aims to convey the message that each person is special and possesses their own unique miracles. The perfume brings a distinct aroma that represents luck and luxury, which can be experienced by every individual who wears it.

Variant Vanilla and Rose Bloom:

The “Vanilla” and “Rose Bloom” variants of “Seventeen Seventeen” were carefully chosen to reflect the beauty and richness of Indonesia’s nature. Vanilla, derived from soft and fragrant vanilla beans, symbolizes warmth, comfort, and luxury. On the other hand, “Rose Bloom” brings the scent of beautiful and graceful roses, symbolizing beauty, love, and opulence. Both variants mirror the beauty of Indonesia’s nature and invite consumers to experience the allure and charm of the natural world in every drop of “Seventeen Seventeen” perfume.