7905 Browning Rd, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109, USA

There is nothing more humbling than a client putting full trust in you and giving you free reign when it comes to a name, brand and package design.  As a resident of the Keuka Lake area, in the beautiful Finger Lakes (FLX) region of New York state, Duane wanted the brand and packaging to reflect the richness of the area and to have an upscale feel given that his recipe and ingredients were of the greatest quality.

We chose a dark palette to mimic the deepness of night in an area so far removed from the city lights. Utilizing a metallic stock for the label allowed us to bring a pop of contrast against the background with vibrant variety colors–resulting in a package that hints at the bright, intense flavors within.

With the first two flagship sauces bottled, we created a promotional gift set neatly packaged in a custom printed and foil-stamped box. We have since completed another line extension for sauces, dry rubs and a Bloody Mary Mixer line!


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