Seneca Sunrise Coffee Company


7905 Browning Rd, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109, USA

Nothing starts our day off better than a fresh cup of coffee so we jumped at the opportunity to work with Seneca Sunrise Coffee out of Watkins Glen, NY.

The coffee shop started small but has no signs of stopping. They have their own shop as well as partnerships with local businesses, distribution in local shops and even are featured in hotels in the area. Needless to say, their coffee is good!

Seneca Sunrise came to us wanting to evolve their branding and create a cohesive system for all of their materials from signage through online presence and of course packaging. We started with a subtle evolution of the brand. Their team wanted to stay within their current color pallet of orange but were open to seeing exploration around the logo as well as how to treat all of their offerings. When it came to the packaging, they had a few different variations that they needed- their 2 main skus, special editions and even collaborations. We needed to make sure that the new system solved for all of these.

When we did this, we showed the main logo as well as alternates to the logo to be able to used in multiple mediums such as social icons, swag, bags and more.

Once we solidified the branding, we spun this into their marketing materials such as business cards, rack cards and of course packaging. We showed packaging both on stickers (which was their current process) as well as printed bags which offered the client a choice. With that, we were with them every step of the way in finding a vendor, samples and more.

We were THRILLED with the partnership and the result.