OakPacker – World’s First Air-Harvested Water Fused Whiskey

OakPacker is the world’s first air-harvested water-fused American single malt whiskey brand. The brand recognize the importance of water in our whiskey-making process. To maintain the purity of whiskey, OakPacker uses only air-harvested water (AWG) when cutting the proof of whiskey from cask to bottle strength. This innovative air-harvesting technology enables us to collect pure, clean water directly from the atmosphere, minimizing the reliance on traditional water sources and conserving precious water resources.

OakPacker is committed to crafting exceptional whiskey with minimal environmental impact, and its innovative air-harvesting process is just one example of this commitment.

This new brand creation honored the Squirrels who help to grow oak trees that provide the wood for barrels, giving whiskey its unique flavors. We chose the name OakPacker to pay tribute to these little creatures and their important role in the whiskey-making process.

We use %100 percent sustainable materials on the label. We have opted to utilize a minimalist color palette consisting solely of black and white in our design, a choice made with the intention of minimizing our environmental footprint on the label. Central to our label design is our iconic squirrel logo, meticulously designed to encompass a medley of elements – wind, water droplets, the majesty of the American Bald Eagle, the strength of the Oak leaf, and the promise encapsulated within an acorn. We used %100 sustainable recycled paper on the label.

Curator’s Insight

This whiskey label design is a tribute to the unsung heroes of whiskey-making – squirrels. They help grow the oak trees that create the barrels, giving whiskey its character. It’s like giving credit to the silent contributors, adding a layer of depth to the brand’s story. This design is a reminder that we’re all connected – to nature, to each other, and to the stories that make life richer.