Boema is a CBD isolate product for both men and women to treat insomnia, anxiety and physical pains. The goal for this brand was to create a design that embodied balance and well-being in a gender-inclusive product.

We designed custom digits and assigned them to the products depending on the CBD concentration per milligram, 1 being the mildest one and 3 being the strongest one. We also made the interior organic pattern of the box, taking inspiration from the art of rock balance, a symbol of well-being. This way, the outer face of the box is minimal while we surprise the customers with an unexpected and fun graphic inside.


Naming + Art Direction: Mariela Mezquita
Graphic design: Mariela Mezquita
Graphic design: Andrea Pastrana
Styling: Andrea Pastrana
Photography: Andrea Pastrana
Photo Edits: Andrea Pastrana
Photo Edits: Pamela Romero