“Life begins with a gasp” is the motto of Bocanada, an artisan mezcal that honors the rituals surrounding this sacred drink, present at any moment in the life of the Oaxaca people.

Through the visual identity we emphasized the artisan process that is kept at Bocanada, while we considered the present market of agave spirits. From Oaxaca to the world, mezcal is an ancestral beverage that has become popular in the last few years and is consumed by both young and mature people.

The illustration is the central element of the visual system. In partnership with the isotype, we wanted to show the mezcal process from a cyclical perspective: the mezcal falls from the sky as a gift from the gods, grows in the form of agave and returns to the sky in steam when maguey is cooked. The Maestro Mezcalero is the main character in our illustration and also in the brand’s operations. Bocanada honors the work and ancestry of each Maestro Mezcalero they work with.

In contrast to the worldview around mezcal or Mexican culture, we took product photography with a minimal, geometric and editorial approach to catch the eye of the target audience. The old meets the new and the cycle continues.


Art Direction: Mariela Mezquita // Designer: Valentina Villa

Photography: Ximena F.T. // Client: Bocanada Mezcal