LA NOPALERA​​​​​​​ is a family Tequila Brand that is produced locally in small batches at a vacation home. They wanted the packaging to resemble quality and establishment. Even though the brand is managed by the youngest of the family members, it needed to be appealing to an older audience as the father’s friends and business partners are the main final consumers. To achieve that, we made a traditional looking label with timeless elements.

The label’s unique die cut gives it a warm feeling, while the engraving inspired illustration speaks about some of the flora and fauna present in the environment where the tequila is made. We took the illustration a bit further in the gift box, where it’s continuously wraps around the whole box, making a 360 landscape of the Vacation Home in Jalisco.

The typeface and editorial details present in the design, bring back elements of vintage design in a contemporary way.  We used metallic inks and a limited color palette in order for the tequila to look somewhat luxurious. At the same time, we thought of color in a functional way, where silver and gold are used to distinguish the 2 variants.


Art Direction: Mariela Mezquita
Graphic Design: Mariela Mezquita
Type Design: Isra Pop
Photography: Ximena FT
La Nopalera