Growing up in Texas and moving to the East Coast, Hope realized that there were no quality Tex–Mex Quesos selling in her new area. She made Queso Dips for herself and her friends, until the requests for her unusually delicious snack became a business.

We took inspiration on home-made, local and small batched products along with Tex–Mex culture. We noticed a consistent graphic style in crafts from Texas and Northern Mexico, so we made our own interpretation of the pattern to classify each product based on the spice and flavor they have.

For the icon, Hope wanted a representation of herself, as many products of the same kind showcase their creator. We observed her features and turned her into a character in a Desert landscape. The icon has the perfect balance between a portrait, a cartoon, and the simplicity of an icon that allows it to be used in small sizes.

The product photography was inspired in gatherings, fiestas, the desert and bright colors. We included ingredients and toppings to reinforce the consumption rituals, as well as showcasing all of the most important product features.


Art Direction: Mariela Mezquita
Designer: Valentina Villa
Designer: Leslie Piñón
Designer: Andrea Pastrana
Photography and Set Design: Andrea Pastrana
Client: Hope For Queso
Hope For Queso