Teahouse Exclusives Limited Edition

das kreative studio

Hamburg, Deutschland

Passionately Embracing Tea Tradition.

Teahouse Exclusives is a harmonious fusion of cherished tea traditions and an unwavering passion for the extraordinary. Operating under the motto “Passion and Tradition since 1879,” this renowned premium brand hailing from Hamburg offers a meticulously curated selection of high-quality tea varieties. The primary objective was to design a captivating Limited Edition that would stand out, especially at trade fairs.

The essence of the Limited Edition design pays heartfelt homage to the tea’s unique and delightful flavor notes. By skillfully accentuating the brand’s distinctive elements, we artfully present its captivating story of tradition and unwavering passion in a refreshing and innovative manner.

Drawing inspiration from the tea’s diverse range, the color palette and shapes thoughtfully reflect the spectrum of tea varieties offered, while the brand’s symbol takes center stage, reinforcing the profound connection to Teahouse Exclusives.

Through this compelling execution, we have crafted a distinctive fusion of tradition and innovation, propelling Teahouse Exclusives into the spotlight as an unparalleled premium brand. Our captivating narrative eloquently narrates its exceptional history, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.


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