One could argue that all pasta basically is the same thing apart from its shape. And even though you could consider this to be true, the different shapes and sizes do serve an actual purpose. Depending on the type of sauce you want to serve with your pasta dish, the shapes of the pasta help absorb the ingredients.

That is why I created a set of illustrations using a distinct visual style using geometrical shapes and a limited color pallet highlighting the different pasta shapes. Supported by a vivid background color to help set the different packaging designs apart, however, ensures they form a strong series as well. As opposed to competing brands that often use the same color pallet throughout their range of packaging, the Etrusco brand gets a vibrant look despite a nostalgic feel thanks to the use of illustration and typography. This helps to set it apart from the competition, especially on the supermarket’s shelves.

Curator’s Insight

The use of nostalgic illustrations and color palettes is like a visual pasta symphony. While each packaging design is distinct, the vibrant background ties them all together into a cohesive retro series.