Stilldio design Lab

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



It can be said that sugarcane juice is a refreshing and instant energy-replenishing drink that has always been popular over the decades in a tropical country like Vietnam. Lots of foreigners come to Vietnam and try this refreshing drink, and it cannot be found easily in their countries. So thinking about canned sugarcane juice for easy buy in the supermarket, and export to other countries… to promote our special juice, the fresh, sweet juice that can take out your thirst immediately. The idea for the brand name Mobi Mi’a, is “mobile” sugarcane juice, with Mobi meaning ” mobile” and Mi’a meaning “sugarcane” in Vietnamese, the typical to buy this drink, park and buy and wait and drink then go, that is also inspiration for the name Mobi Mi’a was created.


The design concept for the logo is from sugar cane, and feeling the movement, and dynamic, the letter M is designed from the inspiration of the sugar cane bundle, with the cane segments separating. The displacement of the type creates dynamic, cheerful feelings.

The concept design for the packaging was the sugarcane plant itself. The color of the can is also taken from the color of the sugarcane plant, with 2 typical colors green – and yellow, The gradient effect also describes the uneven color of the cane bark. We chose a minimal design style for the packaging to emphasize the color, and the can will look like the sugarcane plant. Other colors are also taken from the color of the fruit mixed with sugar cane juice to separate the product lines, also creating a feeling of sweetness, coolness, deliciousness, and freshness.

Cane tangerine cane juice has a special delicious taste, if possible, try the tangerine sugarcane juice cart at Hai Ba Trung Street, you will understand why people queue to buy it.