EVOR – One of a kind Bastar Dhokra Jewelry


Bastar Dhokra jewelry, originating from Chhattisgarh, India, is a treasure trove of cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Over 4,000 years old, this jewelry embodies ancient techniques passed through generations. Crafted by skilled artisans, each piece tells a unique story inspired by nature, tribal motifs, and mythology. The Dhokra method, eco-friendly and sustainable, uses clay and beeswax. This jewelry plays a pivotal role in tribal culture, symbolizing tradition and identity.


Regular Packaging:

The regular packaging offers a sentimental experience akin to opening a heartfelt letter from a loved one. It employs fabric material to safeguard the jewelry from moisture and the elements.

Festive Packaging:

The festive packaging is uniquely tailored for wedding proposals, drawing inspiration from traditional “tokri” basket. Additionally, it embraces the “see it, wear it” concept, with jewelry elegantly displayed on a neck-shaped case resembling a neckline, adding a touch of grace to the occasion.


The experiential packaging incorporate materials such as Kosa silk and bamboo, which are indigenous to Bastar, thereby contributing to the local economy. Furthermore, it features minimal motifs inspired by Bastar paintings, serving as a visual representation of the jewelry’s origin, connecting customers to the cultural heritage of the region. This holistic approach to packaging enhances the value of the product, promotes sustainable practices, and deepens the connection to the Bastar Dhokra legacy.



Designer: Jagriti Soni
National Institute of Design Bengaluru