Founded By health and wellbeing influencer Shayna Terese Taylor. Shayna’s Kitchen tenderly opens a door to a community of light-minded people. We have created a new brand identity where visitors are welcomed into Shayna’s world using the inspiration of the classic archway shape and ‘open windows’. ⁠

Part of this is the recent creation of the brand’s packaging and a new website- a peaceful place to pick up elevated daily essentials, alongside nourishing recipes and wellness reads ♥️

🌅 Morning Ritual Matcha is an uplifting way to start the day, arched in the shape of sunrise, elevated by the connection to the current. For the packaging design, we have showcased this vibrant matcha range in a display-worthy embossed tin; and accompanied best by the SK handcrafted Chasen Bamboo Whisk 🍵. Bringing morning joy on repeat.⁠

Photographer: Yudi Ela Echevarria ⁠
Prop Stylist: Nidia Cueva ⁠


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