Three awesome guys, Sam, Chris, and Charles, got together and whipped up Holos as the ultimate breakfast choice for today’s hardcore athletes. Holos is all about helping you be your absolute best. Holos came up with this super cool overnight muesli that you eat straight out of a glass jar. Holos created a tribe of ambitious, adventurous people hell-bent on eating well and living life to the fullest.

They came to us to create more impact online and in retail. Their current packs were clean and minimal but were missing the feeling of the energy that comes from their super food. We created a visual language we call Holos force. The Holos force is a dynamic and kinetic form that explodes across the pack. It represents each person’s interpretation of flow state. Everyone flows in their own way. The intention of this is to be a loose asset that pushes the idea of flow further into a more ethereal sense, the Holos force isn’t an object but a feeling. This concept really works when the range of products grow, showing different forces on each pack.