What You Need is a nutraceutical brand that addresses women’s concerns through their lives from puberty to menopause. It is science on your shelf, for times when you need it the most.

Their products come in the form of mints, creams, sprays and wipes with a focus on mints as a best-selling product.

The packaging design required us to create a system across 16 packs that could be expanded with more additions. We began with 5 main categories to create the product architecture: Menstrual wellness, Everyday wellness, Pregnancy prepare and care, Sensual wellness and Menopausal care.

Inspired by the brand’s purpose – to be an ally to women during phases of their lives that deal with change – we created the ‘free-form’, feminine and captured in a state of evolution. The ‘free form’ is used across the packaging and is allowed to expand and contract lending to a luxurious visual system that creates the entire range of What You Need products.

Using rich icons across the packaging, we see a portfolio of vibrant and science-backed products. As a team, we designed them to look pattern based and evocative of the concern the product was addressing – the challenge was not to make them look too biological or distasteful.

What You Need is your companion to help you move from one moment to your next, with ease and joy. Created and designed for the woman who wants to be in control of her journey, through her good days and not-so-great-ones; she is assured – She has what she needs.