Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zdenka is one of the most famous and beloved brands in the Balkan through generations. The idea of the concept is to combine the heritage of the brand through new fruit flavours.

The company headquarters is located in the central part of Croatia on the slopes of Bilogora, 35 km southeast of the town Bjelovar. Zdenka is a company with a long tradition in cheese production. It was founded in 1897, in Veliki Zdenci – an agricultural and stockbreeding area with expressed milk production. Rich pastures were ideal conditions for milk production. The Dairy plant changed its name to Zdenka, after the ex-owners’ daughter Zdenka. The photos of the sixteen-year-old Zdenka, framed by a horse-shoe and a four-leaf clover became a symbol of prosperity and double happiness as well as a trademark of the company.

We successfully sell our products to the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, and since 2016, our products have been found on store shelves in Bulgaria and Switzerland. In addition to exports to neighboring countries and EU countries, we are proud to export to America and Australia, too. We have various certificates such as KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, ISO 22000 and IFS Certificate, without which we would not even be able to realize the presence of goods on the domestic and foreign market.

Source: Zdenka d.o.o.