An Extra Splash for The Extra People


Creating a milk packaging design that speaks to the Gen Z market is surely a challenge, but Greenfields has managed to hit the mark through their collaboration with Ou Creative. Their aptly named Greenfields Extra Milk product line aims to emphasise their superior milk quality, while also encouraging their audience to be daring and to always go the extra mile.

To stand out amongst the highly saturated UHT Milk, Ou Creative dove head first into the Gen Z mindset to come up with a trendy and innovative design. “Our goal was to reflect the spirit of the younger generation, and when we think of Gen Z, emojis are something that immediately comes to mind.”

Incorporating the emojis onto the milk visuals itself, they made it look like there’s an emoji party going on inside every carton of milk. Now, imagine strolling down the milk aisle in your local store. You will probably come across a sea of pastel and bright colours, right? Well, Ou Creative decided to throw caution to the wind and used the colour black instead. Their dark yet eye-catching packaging colour truly made a statement and showcased their extra design approach.

Turns out the audience loved it. When their products hit the shelves, the online buzz was off the charts! Their Gen Z-inspired packaging was the talk of the town, garnering 30 Million views on YouTube and thousands of likes and comments on various social media platforms.

They didn’t just design milk packaging, they made something truly EXTRA!


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Creative Director: Christian Melvin
Business Director: Robaitur Rasyid
Designer: Jesslyn Subrata
Designer: Guntur Kiswanto
Copywriter: Nina Aisha Darby