KFC Bucket Packaging – 600 Restaurants Celebration Across India

Studio Colico

KFC, the client, approached us with a truly unique task — none other than commemorating KFC’s outstanding milestone of 600 stores across India. They presented a challenge: a call for a creative solution that would transcend the ordinary, transforming the iconic chicken buckets into distinctive canvases that encapsulate the very essence of Jaipur, Darjeeling, Cuttack, and Coochbehar.

In response, we didn’t merely meet the challenge; we embraced it with a maximalist fervour, drawing profound inspiration from the lively spirit that defines these four cities. The cultural elements of each city took centre stage in our meticulous transformation process.

Darjeeling’s charming toy trains and delightful momos, Cuttack’s flavorful Dahi Vada, the regal palace of Coochbehar, and Jaipur’s traditional puppets and the majestic Hawa Mahal — each element intricately woven into the canvas of the transformed buckets. This strategic approach ensured that these buckets transcended their conventional role as mere containers, becoming vibrant and evocative representations of the diverse culture and flavours that define the tapestry of our country.

The outcome? A visually captivating and culturally rich collection of chicken buckets that surpassed their utilitarian purpose. Each bucket, in commemoration of KFC’s milestone, became a unique expression of the city it represented.

This initiative not only injected a creative flair into KFC’s branding but also stood as a jubilant celebration of the diversity and uniqueness embedded in Indian culture and cuisine.


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