New look for a New York seltzer


Mulberry Street Seltzer

New look for a New York seltzer

The Italian Seltzer Company needed our help in re-branding their sparkling alcoholic beverage, the Mulberry Street New York Seltzer. From re-designing the packaging to flipping their online presence and tone, Bond helped bring new light to their most popular product. In addition to re-branding the visual identity of their product, the new design stretches out to their social media content, merchandising and website.

For Mulberry Street to stand out in the busy market of alcoholic beverages, it was key to create a tone and narrative that got their key message across to potential customers. The tone of voice is made out to be expressive with a no-nonsense attitude while still carrying a touch of softness, romance, and charm for good measure.

From pack shots to lifestyle photos, creating a stack of new imagery to use across their ventures was essential for this project. With the core brand guidelines changing, we wanted to make sure that posting or changing content in the future would be smooth and easy for the client. We planned the direction of the new brand images and produced and coordinated photo-shoots necessary to create all the lifestyle and product content. From social media templates to video and photography content, copy and brand guidelines, we were able to provide them with a full content kit.


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