Stadt Bier emerged in 2004 from the dream of producing craft beer, without using stabilizers and preservatives, in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 – Reinheitsgebot – which consists of using only malt, hops and water in the production of beer and beer. beer.

Design and illustration
New series of labels with the face of Brasília

Recognizing the importance of conveying the unique essence of each beer, we sought a new look that told a visually appealing and captivating story represented by locations in Brasília.

The project involves a creative and innovative approach, with the aim of capturing consumers’ attention and awakening their interest in the brand’s different varieties of craft beers. The labels were carefully designed, incorporating standardized visual elements that evoke the unique characteristics of each beer.

With this reimagination, the craft brewery hopes to not only make its beers stand out in the competitive market, but also provide a visually pleasing experience that reflects the passion and dedication put into each bottle.

Creative Director: Caio Cesar
Art Director: Bryan Willian
Agency: AB9 Marketing and Innovation