Aveda x Iris van Herpen Holiday Packaging

Robert Repta

Aveda unwraps a conscious limited-edition holiday collaboration with the visionary couturier Iris van Herpen.

Step into the future of festive beauty with Aveda, the high-performance vegan hair care brand committed to care for the world. Proudly presenting an unprecedented collaboration for Holiday 2023, Aveda partnered with the renowned Dutch fashion designer and couturier Iris van Herpen in an exclusive, limited-edition collaboration – a groundbreaking venture marking van Herpen’s first foray into the realm of beauty.

This unique synergy blends Iris’s avant-garde style with Aveda’s unwavering dedication to sustainability. The resulting capsule collection features limited-edition hair accessories and gift packaging that seamlessly merge high style with high science, all united by the essence of nature.

“This collection captures a future-forward vision for the holidays and embodies the limitless beauty of nature. The visual inspiration of this collection was drawn from the relationships between living organisms and their physical environments in all its layers and nuances – a constant dialogue between nature and ourselves.” – Iris van Herpen

The Aveda x Iris van Herpen Holiday collection boasts three luxurious, limited-edition accessories – a mesmerizing hair cuff, an exquisite hair pin set, and a chic cosmetic pouch. Crafted with sustainability at its core, these accessories are accompanied by beautifully designed packaging.

In a harmonious collaboration between Aveda’s in-house packaging design team and Iris’s creative vision, the packaging mirrors the “limitless beauty of nature.” Bold, vibrant biomimetic patterns come alive in a kinetic dance, pulsating with life. This theme extends seamlessly to the gift sets, gift packaging, and accessory packaging.

The gift sets feature lush green custom die-cut sleeves with an embossed plaque and detailing echoing the intricate details of the Lagoon Nebula Hair Cuff and the Henosis Hair Pin Set. The unveiling of these sleeves reveals a spectacular array of bold, colorful patterns.

The Lagoon Nebula Hair Cuff draws inspiration from an interstellar cloud where stars are born. The unboxing experience mirrors this cosmic creation – a seemingly simple exterior unfolds dramatically, teasing and exciting as if a star is bursting and expanding when fully opened.

Meanwhile, the Henosis Hair Pin Set embodies the Greek concept of oneness and union. The box, with its angled biomimetic pattern, balances against a solid black backdrop visible from the side, creating a harmonious fusion. Lifting the hinged lid reveals the dramatic interplay of black against the intricately-designed hairpins.

The gifting experience is elevated with uniform green gift bags and boxes, adorned with a black and green AVEDA ribbon. The specially designed gift boxes, sleeves, and other holiday packaging elements are made with FSC-certified, 100% recycled paper. Luxuriously sustainable, these gift boxes eliminate the need for wrapping paper and can be repurposed or displayed as miniature works of art. Every element of the limited-edition holiday collection gift packaging is also recyclable.

The Aveda x Iris van Herpen limited-edition holiday collection is available globally.

A force of nature since 1978, Aveda was founded by hair stylist Horst Rechelbacher with a mission to care for the world we live in. Crafted with care for people and planet, Aveda creates vegan, plant-powered high-performance products for hair, skin and body using botanical technologies and green chemistry, combining the principles of modern science and Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Aveda is Leaping Bunny approved by Cruelty Free International and a certified B Corporation, meeting high verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Aveda products are available in more than 45 markets worldwide across freestanding stores, partner salons, specialty retailers and on aveda.com. For every hair, everyone.


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Robert Repta

Vice President, Global Creative Direction: Mark Fina
Director, Packaging and Branding: Panteha Razavi
Associate Director of Packaging Design: Robert Repta
Director Brand Package Development: Kelsey Kornaus