Bello Gelatto –  The most beautiful of moments


Bello Gelatto – The most beautiful of moments.

Brand Concept, Naming, and Packaging for an artisanal gelato shop based in Caldas Novas, affiliated with the Rio Quente Group, Brazil. Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, the name “Bello Gelatto” embodies a strong pursuit of perfection and classicism within this artistic expression. The choice of typography is rooted in the Domaine font, adding elegance and a contemporary aesthetic. The packaging design extends to the creation of a high-end gelato, emphasizing sophistication as its key attribute. Colors and shapes take inspiration from the vibrant Renaissance architecture found in the capital, Florence, Italy, albeit with a contemporary reinterpretation.

Project: Bello Gelatto – 2023
Agency: Made at Contém as Freelancing Creative Art Director
Role: Naming; Art Direction; Design; Packaging
Client: Rio quente Resorts


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