Chilli Bomba’s new packaging


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Chilli Bomba’s new packaging spices up the candy world

Chilli Bomba is a new type of candy, equal parts sweet, spicy, and savoury, perfect for munching on, and on, and on. Candy is just for kids. Says who? The LA-based brand breaks the monotony of the overtly sweet candy-land introducing gourmet, small-batch chilli candies targeted mainly at adults.

Taking inspiration from the candy flavours, we envisioned a punchy, loud and vibrant identity, perfect for insatiable tastebuds. We introduced a dangerously playful mascot, Mr. Bomba, representing the explosive mix of sweet & spice, as well as the entire collection of candy flavours, known as the ‘Scovillains’. The illustrations are comical, sassy and full of attitude.

We reinvented the packaging experience for Chilli Bomba, featuring flavour-specific colour combos, illustrations and an unmissable type system including Brice, Roc Grotesk, III Hand, and the quirky workhorse Lil Grotesk. Packed in a matte 8oz pouch bag with a wide opening, the new packaging makes for mess-free sharing with your friends.

Since the brand release, Chilli Bomba was featured in various food publications, significantly increased its online sales and engagement, doubled wholesale sales and built a devoted fanbase of everything Chilli Bomba. So go get yourself a pack! Or four.


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2 Appleby Yard, Soames Walk, London SE10 0BJ, UK
Chilli Bomba