We were invited to participate in the “Celebra” project with the mission of representing Argentina on the label of a Malbec.

Although there are thousands of ways to illustrate our country, we decided to base it on the most relevant popular event of that moment: the triumph of our national soccer team in the Soccer World Cup under the leadership of Lionel Messi.

From this great event the concept of “Santos y Profanos” was born.

With a Renaissance style that is based on the figures of angels and demons, we illustrate many characters from our popular culture, loved by some and hated by others.

Because we believe that what most identifies us as Argentines is that, despite our differences, we all belong to the same team.

Curator’s Insight

Imagine a label that isn’t merely a static image but a living, breathing mural of Argentina’s pulse during a historic soccer triumph. It’s a time capsule, freezing that jubilant moment when Lionel Messi led the national team to victory.


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