Packaging Design for the Hedon Brewery

The craft beer boom of the 2010s created a unique visual language in packaging where breweries are competing for consumer success. Our cooperation started with a logo in 2014. Their name refers to hedonism and the beerfoam-bathing mascot conveys the feeling of just that.

An important aspect of the 2023 identity refresh was to create a modernised image that would define the company for the next decade and make it easy for consumers to find their favourite products on store shelves.

We have created a brand identity where each beer tells a story and has its own “personality”, but always stays true to the visual identity of the brand and is clearly identifiable as a member of the Hedon family. Over the past ten years, the brewery has become one of the country’s most successful beer producers, and characters such as Helmut have become real crowd pleasers.

The range of products grew steadily and Hedon quickly opened up from a niche, small-scale business to larger consumer segments, driven by its visual image. The company recently switched from beer bottles to cans, so the labels had to adapt to the new format.

The brand’s 2023 refresh won the Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication in the packaging design category.