Life In Full Swing


This project is a captivating collection of specialty printed greeting cards that embody elegance and personalization. Crafted through the collaboration of the award-winning printing capabilities of J Point Plus, the hand renowned lettering skills of Letter Collective, and the sparkling photography magic of Marka Collective, this project showcases the artistry and creativity behind a simple message of kindness.

Each piece of this exclusive series is meticulously designed, featuring hand-drawn letterforms and intricate calligraphy that capture the essence of the occasion. 15 individual types of liquid metal foil were used and every single card was printed on а different specialized paper. The design of the pop-up magnetic box reveals a stunning booklet with all greeting cards with an added surprise underneath.

The result is a stunning visual experience that celebrates the beauty of artistry and craftsmanship.

Printing and production: J Point Plus
Calligraphy: Letter Collective
Photography: Marka Collective