Ottawa, ON, Canada

Artizen Craft Beverage Co., previously known as Artizen Kombucha, is a popular microbrewery in Perth, Ontario, specializing in unique iced tea beverages made from top-notch local ingredients. Their small-batch production fosters community connection.

To elevate their iced tea line, Artizen Craft Beverage Co. aimed to revamp its packaging, highlighting local ingredients while introducing two new flavors. They approached us for visually appealing packaging that strikes a balance between vivid colors and a tranquil, zen-inspired vibe.

Our solution involved designing vibrant labels with a handcrafted, zen aesthetic, showcasing illustrations of local farmers’ hands to signify diversity and inclusivity. These labels not only represent the brand’s commitment to supporting local growers but also enhance shelf visibility, attracting customers who value community support. We restructured their branding with the introduction of sub-branding, this was one of the sub brands we worked hard in strengthening with it’s own visual identity and voice.


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