Ottawa, ON, Canada

Artizen Craft Beverage Co., located in Perth, Ontario, is a beloved microbrewery celebrated for its distinctive beverages.

Crafting kombucha with locally sourced, premium ingredients, they champion community wellness through their health-conscious, small-batch offerings. Recognizing the need for clarity amidst consumer confusion, Artizen Craft Co. sought to refine their branding, packaging, and naming strategies. Their goal? Enhancing the brand experience, broadening their audience reach, seizing untapped opportunities, and fortifying customer relationships. A primary challenge lay in distinguishing between their iced tea and kombucha lines.

Leveraging our design expertise and market savvy, we developed vibrant labels that resonate with Artizen Craft Co.’s loyal following. Inclusive illustrations were integrated to reinforce their brand identity, imbuing the packaging with a lively and personable touch. Our objective was to impart a fresh and inviting aesthetic that mirrors the excellence of the ingredients within.


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