Le Diffuseur by Créateur Olfactif Genève, our modular reed diffuser, is produced almost entirely in-house in our atelier based in Geneva, Switzerland. While designing our products, the main aim was to give every element a second life after it has served its first purpose:

Le Triptyque: diffusers become a fragrance sculpture

The reed diffuser bottles are refillable and modular, allowing the user to change between scents as they please. When stacked on top of each other, our diffusers form our Triptyque.

To eliminate waste, we made the packaging a part of the actual product.

The secondary packaging (the green, black and brown boxes) is made entirely by hand in our atelier, using traditional bookbinding methods. After housing the flacon, it serves as its plinth on which to place the diffuser while in use. It can also serve as a box for precious items.

What to do with the used rattan reeds?

Many users of reed diffusers complain about not knowing how to dispose of the reed sticks once they are replaced with new ones every month or so. We have solved this problem by giving the rattan reeds a second life as part of a closet fragrance (parfum d’armoire). The diffuser sticks of Créateur Olfactif Genève come in a specially made textile sachet. When it is time to exchange the rattan reeds, the user can place the used rattan reeds back into the fabric sachet, which they can then hang in their closet for use as a closet fragrance.


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