Freestyle is redefining the mainstream perception of parenting through high-quality, eco-friendly baby care products that bring joy to the parenting journey. Freestyle offers killer performance with its ultra-soft, tree-free bamboo material, artist-designed prints, and a commitment to being plastic negative. Through packaging and imagery that steer away from traditional baby care branding, Studio Marina Veziko created a visual world that appeals to modern baby makers who prioritize sustainability, community, and aesthetics.

Since the appearance of the first disposable diapers in 1948, the market has remained quite stagnant. The goal was to create a brand that not only revolutionizes diaper changing in a fun way but also connects with parents on a deeper level, turning parenting challenges into shared triumphs. Traditional, bland visuals with stock-like imagery, muted tones and dinosaur prints were replaced by bold colours, playful photography and artist collabs. The first two drops featured diaper patterns designed by artist Cristina Martinez and illustrator Janine Rewell.

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