The liquor is named “King of Pear Tree”

Starting from the “King of Pear Tree” brand and the regional characteristics of Dangshan, the design extracts the visual elements of “pear blossom” and “tree pattern”. The shape of the bottle body imitates the shape of a pear trunk. the texture and relief further enhance the texture of the entire bottle.

Dangshan has a long history. Qin established thirty-six counties, and Dang was one of them. This is the hometown of Zhu Wen, King of Liang in the Five Dynasties, and the ancestral home of Qi Baishi, a master of modern painting; here is the tomb of Xue Xian, a general of the Ming Dynasty, the Yanxi Terrace where the footsteps of Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, are here, the famous mosque, and the old course of the Yellow River with blue waves.

Dangshan is known as the “Pear Capital”. The annual output of crisp pears is about 1.5 billion jin. Dangshan pears are sold to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and large and medium-sized cities across the country, and are famous at home and abroad. Nearly one million mu of contiguous orchards produce 3 billion catties of various fruits annually, which is the largest in the world.

Among the orchards of nearly one million mu in Dangshan, there are more than 60,000 old trees in Dangshan, a wonder of ancient trees. In a 100-acre old pear orchard in the Houlou branch of the horticultural field, most of the pear trees are a hundred years old, full of ancient trees, with dark skin, jagged iron, mottled black scales, and vigorous branches, escaping across the sky. During the flowering season, the trees are covered with icy muscles and bones, and the flowers are as white as silver. In the middle of the pear orchard, there is an old pear tree known as the “King of Pear Trees”. It is more than 180 years old and covers an area of 0.3 mu, with an annual output of more than 4,000 patties of pears. Because of its large tree shape, old tree age, huge fruit, bright yellow and beautiful appearance, thin and juicy skin, crisp and refreshing, fragrant and sweet, it is famous at home and abroad, and is famous all over the world.


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