The spirits named “Clear Fragrance Memory”.

Fenjiu won the first-class gold medal at the Panama International Exposition in 1915. During the period of the Republic of China, Fenjiu officially entered the era of corporate management. With the product name “Fragrance Memory” as the starting point, it was connected with the characters of the Republic of China who were drinking in the tavern in the foreground. Relevant elements, including apricot trees, taverns, landmark buildings in Fenyang, wineries, winemakers, wine crops, etc., form a “picture in memory”.

The shape of the bottle is slightly adjusted on the basis of the classic bottle shape to make it more elegant. The color matching comes from traditional Chinese colors. The fresh main color and orange form a contrast to highlight the main information. The stamp design at the bottom is the finishing touch, expressing the image and atmosphere of “time and memory”.

Fenjiu is an ancient historical wine in my country, produced in Xinghua Village, Fenyang City, Shanxi Province. Exactly when the name Fenjiu originated requires further research, but as early as more than 1,400 years ago, the name “Fenqing” existed here.

“Book of Northern Qi” records that Gao Zhan, Emperor Wucheng of the Northern Qi Dynasty, wrote a poem from Jinyang to Xiaoyu, King of Kangshu, Henan: “I drank two cups of Fenqing, and I advise you to drink two cups in Ye.” The “Beishan Liquor Classic” of the Song Dynasty records that “dry wine was produced in Fenzhou during the Tang Dynasty”, and “The Book of Wine Names” states that “Fenzhou Ganlu Hall was the most famous during the Song Dynasty”, all of which are Fen Liquor. Of course, there was no distilled wine in my country more than 1,400 years ago, and the “Fen Qing” and “Gan Niang” recorded in historical data were all rice wines.