Brand Identity for Jianliang Liquor Store

Jianliang Liquor Store is a franchised personalized service store under Jianli Grain and Liquor Co., Ltd. The production, transportation, storage and sale of the liquor store’s products strictly follow the national bulk liquor circulation management regulations. The wine storage containers at the liquor store are all specially customized one-way wine-discharging ceramic jars. The bulk liquor delivered from the production base is immediately sealed after being poured into the ceramic jar to ensure quality and safety.

Pure craftsmanship, pure grain brewing

The products sold by Jianliang Liquor Store are all pure grain wines brewed by Jianli Grain and Liquor Company using traditional distillation technology. During the production process, the cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, and brewing processes all follow the Jianghan Plain folk trough brewing process. After all products are produced, they are sealed and stored for a sufficient time to ensure pure craftsmanship and excellent taste.

Jianli Grain and Liquor Co., Ltd. is a liquor company that mainly produces Jianli Grain Wine, a historical product of the Lianghu Plain. Relying on the raw material base of “China’s largest rice producing area”, Jianli grain wine has been famous in the plains of the two lakes as a local specialty since the Three Kingdoms period. It is called “Jianli grain wine” by the people and has become an independent business name by convention. In the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, with the opening of Yangtze River ports such as Wuhan, Jiujiang, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Shanghai, “Jianli grain wine” took advantage of the dock advantages of the production area and completed the first large-scale commercial expansion in its business history. With the collapse of the Republic of China, its influence gradually declined. By the 1990s, benefiting from the return of the market economy and consumers’ remembrance of traditional specialties, Jianli grain wine entered a new period of revival.

Jianli Grain Wine Company was formed by the local folk family brewing workshops that have undergone several evolutions such as public-private partnerships, state-owned restructuring, and private acquisitions. Its brand lineage inherits the ancient folk craft aesthetics of Jingzhou. Its characteristics are local materials, pure grain brewing, casual work, and not pleasing consumers. This feature gives the product a unique geographical and cultural personality and folk personality. Therefore, from the perspective of craft culture, Jianli grain wine, like traditional New Year paintings and traditional embroidery, is another form of folk craft work. It carries the life memories, wisdom and interest of the people of Jingzhou.