Ahmed Badr

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt


Many Egyptian companies have products of great quality, but they are not known in the markets, instead, the local market is filled with products imported from abroad.

This is mainly due to the poor cover design of the packages and only placing the logo and some commercial colors to promote the content of the product.

Today, our Egyptian product “Nasbah” is interested in making its first appearance in the local market in an attractive and contemporary way that conveys an authentic way to the Egyptian community “Qahwaji” which serves drinks in popular areas.

The competition between hot beverage companies is strong and difficult, but what makes it simpler is reaching the consumer and making him accept to buy the product based on its shape and colors, and judging the quality completes the target and helps in the rapid spread.

The choice of colors is inspired by the colors of fruit and herbs presented in the product, the company was interested in designing the logo in Arabic and in a distinctive way that reflects the modern and old Naskh and repeats the name of the company again in English similar to the Arabic model

Hot drinks and specifically tea are a basic drink in Egypt and the majority depend on it during gatherings and work and after eating and while watching TV and in order to increase pleasure and happiness the company brings various foods and mixes them with tea

And other drinks, which help to calm down, which helps to treat some conditions like headaches, stomach pain and others, and in all cases we are the friend you find at all times and all your cases whether you want to recover or enjoy us next to you and at your service.

And we reflect this sense of cute character drawn on the packaging.

“Always ready when you want someone by your side.”

Credits :

illustration: Ahmed Badr

Art Director: BDR.Design


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