Ahmed Badr

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Fit Burger ” is a restaurant located in Egypt that serves a selection of healthy burgers that are sponsored to help you eat the best burger food while at the same time exercising and maintaining physical fitness. The strategy used in designing the identity is to create a distinctive text logo while adding a simple element to what the restaurant offers and designing a fun package that breaks the barrier of fear of eating healthy, fat-free food and burger buns made from oats. We chose to draw a character of a young man and a young woman happily exercising and at the same time expressing their love for the food provided by the restaurant.

Choose colors that are full of vitality and nature and also convey a sense of ambition and the desire to achieve more success. The food provided is not limited to athletes only, but is for everyone. The characters designed on the packages give the impression of eating energy, not food, and this is what is intended.

Credits :

illustration: Ahmed Badr

Art Director: BDR.Design